ITS is the backbone–and the nervous system–of UNCG. Therefore, ITS must be committed to ensuring our capacity to serve the University in the best ways possible. 

Additionally, developing our individual skills enables each of us to grow professionally. Career success is rooted in our ability to adapt to the ever-changing world and technologies around us. To do this, we must take the time to learn on a continuous basis.

To promote our development as an organization, starting this year, all ITS employees are required to complete leadership-curated training, supervisor-selected training, and job-related training of their choosing. The ITS-All courses will focus on skills that promote organizational goals. Supervisor-Selected training and Self-Selected training will promote job-specific skills relevant to our own professional goals. 

2022 ITS Learning Sprint Lessons: 

 Duration: 3 hours (approx)
 Due: July 1, 2022

Supervisor-selected courses will be available in the fall and are due on December 16, 2022. 

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