ITS is the backbone–and the nervous system–of UNCG. Therefore, ITS must be committed to ensuring our capacity to serve the University in the best ways possible.  Additionally, developing our individual skills enables each of us to grow professionally. Career success is rooted in our ability to adapt to the ever-changing world and technologies around us. […]

Continuous service improvement drives ITS. It motivates what we do and helps us fine-tune how we do it.  After the first year of ITS’ official teleworking program, the project team surveyed ITS staff. As expected, your feedback validated what was working and informed us of improvements to make. More than anything, your feedback reminded us […]

On Monday, Dec. 7th, the University will launch college/school celebratory pages hosted at That same morning, the University will begin the process of emailing approximately 5,000 Class of 2020 graduates and graduation candidates. Those emails will provide each graduate and graduation candidate with their individual celebratory webpage link. This email send is occurring in batches […]