Each year, ITS elects team members for a two-year term as representatives on the UNCG Staff Senate. 

Recently, ITS staff senators began regular meetings with ITS leadership to keep them apprised of our community efforts and ITS staff members’ ideas and concerns. If there is a topic you would like discussed, take it to an ITS Staff Senator, whomever you feel most comfortable talking to. That senator will take your topic to senior leadership in confidence at the next meeting. 

The following are your elected Staff Senators along with their Staff Senate office, term status, ITS position, ITS department, and a personal note.

Steisha Pintado

UNCG Staff Senate Co-Chair and Elections Committee Co-Chair
ServiceNow Administrator
Digital Engagement Platforms

I am serving as the Staff Senate Co-Chair for the 2021-2022 term along with Lisa Pluff from Beyond Academics. We are responsible for leading the Staff Senate, setting agendas for the full-body and executive team meetings, and meeting regularly with university administration to advocate for the interests of all staff. 

Lisa and I chose “Building Community Through Collaboration and Engagement” as the 20212022 term theme. We wish to strengthen the Staff Senate’s relationship with the Faculty Senate, the Student Government Association, and the Graduate Student Association. We can be stronger together if we increase our collaboration and support with each others’ organizations. 

I want my colleagues in ITS to know that they are always welcome to give me feedback on how the Staff Senate can best serve them. Lisa and I want to respectfully ask the UNCG Administration the tough questions that are most important to our staff. Hopefully, we can find answers or even compromises that best suit the needs of the team and the rest of the UNCG community.

Jan Albrecht

UNC Staff Assembly Board (At-large Delegate)
ITS Staff Senator, 1st year, Bylaws Committee
ITS Executive Associate
Learning Technologies and Customer Success

Jan was recently appointed as an At-Large Delegate in the UNC Staff Assembly Executive Committee. We are very grateful for her representation in the Staff Assembly!

Serving on the UNC Staff Assembly as an At-Large Delegate has been very rewarding. We are on our way to endow the Janet B. Royster Memorial Scholarship. The 17 UNC system institutions that annually participate in the UNC Chancellor’s Cup fund the scholarships. UNCG (Chancellor Gilliham’s team) won this prestigious event in 2019.  (The UNC Chancellor’s Cup was canceled last year due to Covid-19.) UNCG will be defending their title in September. Scholarships are awarded each year to staff who want to further their education or other professional certification. To achieve the endowment this year would be fantastic and well deserved. You can read more about the scholarship here.  

I look forward to representing the staff from UNCG. Please let me know of any concerns or questions you may have.

Namita Alva

ITS Staff Senator, 1st year, Elections Committee
Lead Business Analyst, Quality Assurance 
Administrative Technologies

I joined UNCG  in October 2019. As a newer employee, I will attend Staff Senate meetings to understand the happenings of the diverse staff community of UNCG. I felt this platform provides a lot of resources that would help us maintain a work-life balance and sanity during the COVID times. 

As a first-year staff senator, my goal would be to observe and learn the workings of the Staff Senate. I will actively try to seek out solutions that would make the Elections Committee a well-oiled machine. 

Sara Nevedal

ITS Staff Senator, 2nd year, Information Technology Committee
Technology Training Specialist
ITS Communications and Documentation

Last year, I designed a much-needed new website for the Staff Senate. For the rest of my term, I will keep the site up-to-date and representative of UNCG’s diverse talent. This year, I plan to expand my web development efforts as the liaison between the staff senate and the Next Generation Web Project.

Cameron Paschall

ITS Staff Senator, 2nd year, Staff Recognition Committee
Personnel Officer
Management and Budgets

I joined UNCG as a staff member in April of 2006, and have loved getting to know everyone over the years. I am also a proud alumnus of UNCG having graduated in 2001. Returning to the University was a little like coming home again. This is my second year as a Staff Senator and I have appreciated the opportunity to engage with fellow senators from many different areas across campus. My goal as a Staff Senator is to be an advocate for all of the amazing staff we have at UNCG.

On the second Thursday of each month, the Staff Senate holds the full-body meeting from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. All campus community members are welcome to attend. 

Meetings are on Zoom at https://go.uncg.edu/staffsenate

STAFF SENATE REWIND highlights notes from each Staff Senate meeting and can be accessed anytime.

For more information about the Staff Senate, visit staffsenate.uncg.edu.